"L-Functions and Algebraic Varieties"
a conference in memory of Alexey Zykin

February 5 - 9, 2018, Moscow, Russia



The conference will mostly take place at the Independent University, 11 Bolshoi Vlassievsky pereulok, 119002 Moscow. The nearest metro stations are: Smolenskaja (Смоленская, line 3 = dark blue, not to be confused with the other station of the same name on the line 4 = light blue) and Koropotkinskaja (Кропоткинская, line 1 = red), see this map (in russian, with detailed instructions) or another map (in english). A metro map might also be useful.

The conference will take place on tuesday at the Mathematical department of the HSE, Usacheva street, 6. More information will be available on the first day of the conference.

You can contact the organizers by e-mail:

Sergey Gorchinskiy
Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS, HSE Lab of Mirr. Symm
Email: gorchins (at) mi.ras.ru

Marc Hindry
University of Paris 7
Email: marc.hindry (at) gmail.com

Philippe Lebacque
University of Besançon
Email: philippe.lebacque (at) univ-fcomte.fr

Sergei Nechaev
Poncelet Lab.
Email: sergei.nechaev (at) gmail.com

Sergey Rybakov
IITP, HSE Lab. of Alg. Geom., Poncelet Lab.
Email: rybakov.sergey (at) gmail.com

Michael Tsfasman
CNRS Versailles, IITP
Email: mtsfasman (at) yandex.ru

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